Yay, Spring is in the air!

Give your doggos yummy treats to celebrate Easter and Spring. We have three healthy and delicious cookie sets available.


Buy your favorite cookie set, or buy all three and get a special discount.


All the cookies are gluten free and made with peanut butter (no added sugar), chickpea flour, lactose free milk, cinnamon and a healthy amount of love. There are no preservatives and the beautiful colors you see are all natural!  



Bunny and Chick Set


Contains Bowtie Bunny, Cutey Chick, Spring Flower, Yummy Carrot, and three different kinds of Polka Eggs.


Easter Bunny Set


Contains Purple Garland Bunny, Purple Garland Egg, Pink Garland Bunny, and Pink Garland Egg.


Special Easter Collection


Contains Hatchling Chick, Bunny Bunny, two easter egg cookies, and four flower petals 



Bunny and Chick Set