About Us

Baking with love.

The idea for Apple Dog Bakery came to us when we were looking for a cake to celebrate our dog Leo’s Gotcha Day. Since our area has a lot of dog lovers, we thought it would be easy for us to find a good quality dog bakery.


But we were surprised to find that there was only one dog bakery within a reasonable driving distance from us and that the cake that we bought from the store was not the quality we were hoping for.


So we decided to bake for Leo instead and that was what led us to start Apple Dog Bakery.

Now why the name Apple Dog Bakery, instead of Leo Dog Bakery? This is a story that will make you wonder and feel sad and feel hope, all at the same time…

Apple is the name of the dog that my husband rescued from a shelter. And I met my husband while he was walking Apple in our neighborhood. Of course, I didn’t know that we would one day be married and Apple would be our dog, and if it wasn’t for Apple I don’t think that I would have talked to my husband.


Apple was what brought my husband and me together and she was, in fact, the ring bearer in our wedding…and then, while we were on our honeymoon, we heard the news from my parents that the vet had found a large tumor in her belly…and Apple passed away on the last days of our honeymoon.

We thought it would be a long time before we adopted another dog but then Leo came scampering into our lives. He was found abandoned with a broken leg by a good Samaritan and was adopted by us.


In a way, we believe that big sister Apple sent Leo our way. Without Apple, the story of us could never begin and in a way, this is a way to keep her in our memories and to give back the love that she gave to us to the wider doggie community.